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Outlook Surgical

We're dedicated to improving the delivery of high-quality healthcare around the world by revolutionizing the technology at the bedrock of the industry. 

We focus on innovation, bringing to market endoscopic tools that offer improved surgical access, visualization, and efficiency for the physician with improved comfort, convenience, and outcomes for the patient.

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Our Story


Our Mission

The mission of Outlet Surgical is mission is to improve healthcare for patients, providers, and payers by developing state of the art technology that improves clinical applications and reduces healthcare costs.


Improved Patient Care

Continual enhancement of patient care lies at the heart of our brand values, embodying our unwavering commitment to fostering healthier communities. 


Improved Patient Experience

We strive to refine healthcare experiences that will empower individuals and cultivate lasting trust.


Reduced Cost of Care

We foster efficiency and innovation to alleviate financial burdens, ensuring that quality care remains accessible to all.


Improved Clinical Applications

We embrace cutting-edge advancements that empower healthcare professionals to deliver precision-driven care that transcends boundaries and enhances lives.

Meet The Team


Willard Noyes, MD FACS

Dr. Noyes is a practicing Otorhinolaryngologist who was educated at Thomas Jefferson University and trained at the Mayo Clinic.


Dr. Noyes uses his comprehensive experience in the field to design medical technology geared toward benefiting both the patient and doctor.


He has been granted several United States and International patents for his inventions surrounding advanced multi-disciplinary surgical endoscopy products and 3D additive manufacturing processes.


Samantha Surrey

Samantha Surrey, a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and engineer, founded Surrey Capital Partners (SCP), a groundbreaking life science impact innovation fund dedicated to elevating patient care.


With a steadfast commitment to advancing science and engineering, she drives SCP's mission to shape the future of medicine. As a Co-Founder of Decision Medical Ventures, Samantha focuses on pioneering medical ultrasound technologies, leveraging her expertise to navigate cutting-edge healthcare investments and advisory roles in various sectors.


Ron Rebholz

Ron Rebholz is a Co-Founder of Outlook Surgical Endoscopy Systems and brings his tremendous private equity experience to OSES.


Ron is the owner of R-4 Ventures, a private equity holding company. He is also a Co-Founder of Decision Medical Ventures, which specializes in advanced medical technologies.


Ron has founded and owned several commercial development companies, including Gulf Development Partners, a global company focusing on development projects worldwide. He has served as Vice President of Investments for both Merrill Lynch and A.G. Edwards & Sons.

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