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Surgical Endoscopy Reimagined

Outlook Surgery Endescope

“Small, adaptable, light weight and portable.”

“This will reduce procedure time.”

“It’s revolutionary.”


Surgeon Tested

Redefining Possibilities

Innovative Design

The Inova 1’s simple yet modular design allows the endescope to be attached instantly to a surgical instrument, freeing up the surgeons other hand. 

Revolutionary Benefits

The slim, lightweight, and flexible scope can reach anatomical spaces that were previously inaccessible by conventional endoscopic methods.

Cost Reductions

Improved visibility & versatility means less risk & fewer complications. Turning hospital visits into cost effective in-office procedures.

Growth Potential

The Inova 1 opens the door to innovative new ideas & opportunities. Not just in the office, but in surgery, humanitarian efforts, & military applications.

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Endoscopy. Simplified. 

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Straight Irrigation Sheath

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Tailor your procedures with the Inova 1's modular attachments. Revolutionizing diagnostics with precise imaging in diverse medical applications.

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